5 good reasons to consider a Rhinoplasty

5 good reasons to consider a Rhinoplasty

Dr. Pablo Casas, specialist in facial plastic surgery and nose aesthetic surgery in León (Spain), and with extensive experience in this type of procedures, explains the reasons for considering rhinoplasty. Continue reading to find out if you are a good candidate.

Reason 1: You’ve always hated your nose
If you have not liked your nose since adolescence, there has been enough time to think what parts you would like to modify

Reason 2: You have a deviated septum and breathing problems
The improvement in nasal breathing is one of the main reasons why patients seek nose surgery. Often functional rhinoplasty is combined with aesthetic rhinoplasty to solve both problems at once

Reason 3: You have had a nasal traumatism
If you have had a nasal trauma, and your nose has been twisted, only rhinoplasty can solve the aesthetic and functional abnormalities that persist.

Reason 4: You want a nose that improves your facial harmony
Because the nose is one of the main facial structures, it greatly influences its harmony. It is vital to know that a nose in balance with the rest of facial structures will increase the overall beauty of the face

Reason 5: You want improvement, not perfection
If you are looking for rhinoplasty to achieve perfection, you are probably on the wrong path. Rhinoplasty can achieve extraordinary results, but can not meet unrealistic expectations. However, if you are looking for a significant improvement in your facial beauty, you will be a great candidate for rhinoplasty, and you will be delighted with the results.

Dr. Pablo Casas regularly consults and operates patients that come from all over Spain and abroad.

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