Now they look me in the eyes, not in the nose

Now they look me in the eyes, not in the nose

When the results of rhinoplasty are good, the comments of Friends and relatives and of the patient are usually:

  • You’re prettier. Have you done something?
  • Have you changed your hairstyle?
  • You have very pretty eyes

There are no direct comments on the nose. This is because the nose is natural and does not attract attention.

When the nose has an obvious aesthetic defect (very crooked, large hump, very droopy point), the person who looks at us, is fixed above all in the nose.

Dr. Pablo Casas, an expert in nose surgery in León, says that after performing a rhinoplasty and making the nose beautiful and harmonious with the face, people will no longer pay attention to the nose. On the opposite, the attention will now alternate between the eyes and the mouth. This results in an improvement of the overall beauty of the face.

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