The cost of rhinoplasty

Choosing where you are going to perform your rhinoplasty surgery is not an easy decision. Many clinics and surgeons offer discounts, and cheap options for rhinoplasty surgery.

The cheap is usually expensive, and undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery, in a place or by an unskilled surgeon, can be a bad decision that will bring bad consequences for the rest of your life. These places do not offer the best facilities or the most skilled surgeons.

Trust a fully specialized surgeon with EXCLUSIVE DEDICATION to surgery of RHINOPLASTY, who operates in a hospital with all seals of quality, and who does so under general anesthesia and in the presence of an anesthesiologist.
If you want to save money in any of these parts, it can cause irreparable consequences and you will take risks that certainly are not worth it.

Dr. Casas is one of the few surgeons in Europe with Double Certification, in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery and with exclusive dedication to Rhinoplasty surgery. He operates in a top level hospital, San Juan de Dios Hospital in León, and with expert anesthesiologists, also fully specialized in anesthesia for rhinoplasty surgery.

With all his team and organization, Dr. Pablo Casas is proud to offer one of the best services for rhinoplasty surgery in the world.


Surgeon’s fee: each surgeon has different medical knowledge and different training, so each surgeon charges a different fee. Less experienced surgeons will be less expensive, but patients should know that they finally get what they pay in this situation. Paying more money for a highly qualified expert is worthwhile and is a long-term investment.

Anesthesia rate: realizing rhinoplasty surgery with general anesthesia is also more expensive than doing it with local anesthesia, but of course doing it with general anesthesia is also much safer, and allows the surgeon to work more accurately, which will benefit the patient. Wanting to save money, submitting to a rhinopalsty with local anesthesia is a mistake that can cause you bad results and that you assume more risk than this surgery should offer.

Hospital fee: the expense for operating at a top level and prestigious hospital, can also differ from if the surgery is performed in clinics that do not have the seals of quality and excellence.

In summary, Dr. Pablo Casas is one of the most qualified and experienced surgeons in rhinoplasty surgery worldwide, working with expert anesthesiologists and operating in a hospital with all the quality seals.

Only with all this aspects, the best results can be offered and it is important that all this be valued in the appropriate measure.

When patients understand all these aspects they realize why it is so important to make a good investment, and choose an appropriate surgeon.
The price of Dr. Casas´ rhinoplasty surgery includes: preoperative consultations, analysis and preoperative examinations, expenses related to surgery and hospital, the night before surgery and the night after surgery in a double room with a companion bed, and all the postoperative consultations. Dr. Casas performs surgeries on a daily basis, and currently, these are carried out at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in León, where the doctor owns all his work equipment. Working with this same team on a daily basis, allows him to offer the best quality in his service.