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The best profile in harmony with the face.

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent interventions in cosmetic surgery. The alteration in the shape of the nose is one of the aesthetic issues that causes greater psychological disorders. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting nasal deformities by modifying their shape, which leads to an improvement in balance and facial harmony.


“The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the external appearance of the nose while improving its respiratory function.”


Each rhinoplasty is a different case that must be carefully evaluated. It is not only about reducing or increasing the size of the nose, but adapting it to the features and characteristics of each person. In this type of cosmetic surgery, the dialogue with the patient to contrast their desires and perspectives with the possibilities of improvement offered by the intervention is especially important.

In addition to being a key element in facial aesthetics, the nose is a respiratory organ whose function is of great importance. Dr. Pablo Casas, being a specialist in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, will always have both concepts, the functional and the aesthetic, at all times, and will consider them an inseparable fact.


Surgical procedure

As it happens in all the interventions, the previous medical examination is essential to detect any possible anomalies that could contraindicate the operation.
Rhinoplasty is performed with general anesthesia. It is carried out through incisions inside the nostrils, in such a way that Dr. Pablo Casas can carve and model the bones and nasal cartilages and configure a new structure. In this way, the skin and membranes are retracted and adapted to achieve the desired shape.

At the end of the operation, the patient leaves the operating room with a splint covering the nose.
The patient sleeps in the clinic the night of the surgery, and is discharged the morning after the surgery.
In the first days, edema and bruising may occur in nearby areas, particularly on the eyelids. Dr. Casas, thanks to his Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty technique, does not need to pack the inside of the nose, this is much more comfortable for the patient. The splint covering the nose is removed after a week.



There is no universal type of rhinoplasty. This type of surgery is designed in a completely personalized way, according to the needs and particular characteristics of each person.
The result of these operations is very rewarding, and the patients show great satisfaction.

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Dr. Pablo Casas´ difference

It is true that patients who come to Dr. Pablo Casas to address their functional and aesthetic problems benefit from the ease and simplicity of a single surgery, but the real advantage of doing so lies in the unique approach of Dr. Pablo Casas.

Most plastic surgeons when performing a rhinoplasty apply a “reductive” methodology, that is, they are limited to removing parts of the nose, in order to make it smaller, but without worrying about the structure and nasal support. While this method can initially give a patient the look they want, this technique considerably weakens the nose and can lead to subsequent abnormal scarring, causing respiratory problems and the gradual collapse of nasal structures.

Over the years Dr. Casas has developed and perfected a superior approach that is known as “structural” rhinoplasty. This approach is based on the idea that rhinoplasty requires not only remodeling, but also reconstruction, based on building a correct structure that supports the passage of years and healing forces. Using the fundamental concepts of the fields of architecture and engineering, Dr. Pablo Casas uses the patient’s own cartilage to build “beams” and “struts” that reinforce the nose in those areas that have been weakened by the procedure. This approach that Dr. Casas has of rhinoplasty has been shown to offer superior aesthetic results. The most important thing is that it ensures that patients do not end up suffering the problems of abnormal scarring, nasal collapse and bad breath that so often commented on patients undergoing rhinoplasty in the past.

The goal of Dr. Pablo Casas is to create an optimal nose from inside out. The result is a nose that has an aesthetically pleasing shape and a perfect respiratory function. Many patients do not realize after the surgery, of the bad breath they had before. In these cases the improvement in the quality of life is very striking.