The Michelangelo of the nose

Dr. Pablo Casas is a pioneer in performing ultrasonic rhinoplasty, one of the most advanced techniques in this type of intervention and used by very few …

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“To your health 2018” Awards

Professional excellence only comes with tenacity, always driven by the desire to give a better service to the patient. That is the philosophy that motivates Dr. Pablo Casas …

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Clínics Special 2015

CLINICA CASAS, one step ahead. Dr. Pablo Casas has just obtained the most prestigious international degree in the field of facial plastic surgery.

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The specialist: Dr. Pablo Casas

The specialty of otorhinolaryngology is a medical-surgical specialty, which covers the treatment and surgery of multiple pathologies …

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Dr. Pablo Casas, surgeon of reference in spain in ultrasonic rhinoplasty

He is a specialist in Otolaryngology, with International Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery and exclusive dedication to Rhinoplasty surgery …

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