Functional rhinoplasty


You may have learned to live with nasal breathing difficulties, believing that they are normal or untreatable. The patients of Dr. Pablo Casas are pleasantly surprised to learn that their respiratory problems are not only abnormal, but also easy to treat, through the use of functional rhinoplasty procedures, such as septoplasty.


“Functional rhinoplasty or septoplasty is that procedure that is carried out to treat and improve the function of the nose. “


Combination of functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty in a single surgery.

For those patients who experience breathing difficulties, but who are also considering rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes, Dr. Pablo Casas is perfectly suited to offer the opportunity to have both problems solved in a only procedure.

The best option to achieve a satisfactory result from both the functional and the aesthetic point of view, is to correct both aspects in a single surgery. Dr. Pablo Casas, thanks to his specialization in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, can offer the best results in both fields.

Dr. Pablo Casas, with his extensive experience and training, is highly qualified to address all aspects of the nose. In fact, the unique approach of Dr. Casas in the reconstruction of the nose from the internal to the external part, makes it the best possible choice for that patient who is looking for both functional and esthetic rhinoplasty.


Causes of bad nasal breathing.

Some common causes of functional alterations of the nose are:

  • Deviated nasal partition
  • Nasal fracture
  • Nasal valve closure
  • Hypertrophy of the turbinates
  • Nasal septum perforations


Abnormalities in the internal structure of the nose can be a congenital problem from birth or can develop as a result of surgery, injury or trauma, and often cause problems in nasal breathing. This bad nasal breathing has a negative impact on health and quality of life.

Adequate diagnosis.

Because there are different causes of nasal breathing, it is essential that an adequate diagnosis is made before following any treatment plan. Dr. Casas has an exclusive dedication to nose surgery or rhinoplasty and therefore is fully specialized and has the most advanced methods for the study and diagnosis of patients with nasal breathing problems.

Before undergoing any rhinoplasty surgery, it is very important that a correct and detailed exploration of the inside of the nose is made. Thanks to the fact that Dr. Casas is a specialist in Otolaryngology, he is perfectly trained to explore all his patients with the nasal endoscope, and to detect any anomaly that exists in the nasal airway and can influence the surgery of posterior rhinoplasty. All the structures inside the nasal passages are very important during any rhinoplasty surgery. Undergoing rhinoplasty surgery by a surgeon who has not explored the inside of the nose in detail is a big mistake.


Surgical techniques.

Depending on the underlying problem, a variety of surgical techniques can be performed during a functional rhinoplasty.

In cases where a patient has a deviated septum, a septal or septoplasty reconstruction can be performed to straighten the septum and facilitate a better nasal breathing. If the problem is due to a nasal fracture, the functional rhinoplasty procedure can repair the nasal bones by straightening them. In cases where the trauma has caused abnormalities in the external appearance of the nose, Dr. Casas can improve the appearance of the nose during the same procedure. Dr. Casas is one of the best specialists in Spain in RHINOPLASTY surgery.

Thanks to his double specialization in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, he is one of the best surgeons to address nasal problems, both functional and aesthetic.