Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

ULTRASONIC RHINOPLASTY IS THE FUTURE OF RHINOPLASTY SURGERY. Aesthetic nose surgery with minimal inflammation, maximum precision and fast recovery.


Doctor Pablo Casas is the pioneer in Spain in using ULTRASONIC instruments in his RHINOPLASTY surgery procedures.


In RHINOPLASTY surgery, one of the most delicate and traumatic moments is the execution of the osteotomy, which is the fracture of the bones of the nose once the nasal bridge has been removed. Traditionally, the most used method for the osteotomy was the use of osteotomes, chisels and hammer. This method is responsible for the swelling, edema and bruises that occurred in rhinoplasty surgery. Doctor Pablo Casas, as an expert in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, who has performed hundreds of rhinoplasties, and who currently performs nose cosmetic surgeries every day, points out that patients are concerned about these inflammations and bruises, since they prolong the process of recovery and prevent early incorporation into working life.
To offer patients a better and faster recovery, Dr. Pablo Casas is a pioneer in Spain in performing his RHINOPLASTY procedures through the use of ULTRASONIC instruments. This method allows to reshape the nasal bones without breaking them and in a less traumatic way, since it does not damage the soft tissue or the blood vessels that cover the bone, reducing the swelling and bruising caused by the traditional method. Ultrasonic instruments allow Dr. Casas to perform a more controlled and precise remodeling of the bones of the nose, thereby achieving greater control over the results of surgery.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the most advanced technique in rhinoplasty surgery, known and used by very few surgeons worldwide, and Dr. Pablo Casas is one of them. This technique has already received approval from the FDA in the United States. Ultrasonic instruments were originally developed for the cutting of bones during brain surgery as a method to prevent damage to brain tissue.

As in all medical specialties, there are advances in techniques and procedures, therefore, the purpose of the Dr Casas is to be up-to-date in everything related to aesthetic surgery of the nose, to offer the best and most complete service to their patients, and that is why he has become a pioneer in the implantation of the ULTRASONIC RHINOPLASTY in Spain. As a great specialist in nose surgery and after having performed hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries, Dr. Pablo Casas firmly states that Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is superior in terms of precision and results, to the other techniques of nose surgery.

The following video shows how the ultrasonic instruments work. It shows its precision when used to open the shell of a fresh egg without breaking the inner membrane.



  • Reduces the trauma of the soft tissues and blood vessels surrounding the nose, decreasing bruising and swelling.
  • Remodeling of the nasal bones with extreme precision.
  • Prevents uncontrolled bone fractures, due to the use of the chisels and the hammer.
  • Postoperative recovery is faster, and patients return to their daily activities much more quickly.
  • The remodeling of the nasal bones is millimetric, so that you can obtain more satisfactory and natural results.
  • Increases patient satisfaction.
  • Greater safety. Reduces the chances of complications in rhinoplasty surgery.


  • The use of the chisel and the hammer, causes uncontrolled fracture lines.
  • Difficulty to obtain precision and symmetry in the work in the nasal bones.
  • Damage in the soft tissues and blood vessels that surround the nose.
  • Appearance of bruises, edema and facial swelling.
  • Slow recovery of the patient after rhinoplasty surgery.


Dr. Pablo Casas has his clinic in León and usually receives patients from all over Spain and abroad to undergo aesthetic and functional nose surgery. He performs primary rhinoplasty and also complex secondary rhinoplasty or revision, after unsuccessful results of other surgeons. He is a pioneer in using the most innovative and advanced techniques in nose surgery, and wants with his dedication, effort and work, to take rhinoplasty surgery to the next level.
The future of rhinoplasty is the ULTRASONIC RHINOPLASTY technique by Dr. Pablo Casas.
If it’s your nose, trust a true specialist. CHOOSE AN EXPERT.

Dr. Pablo Casas is one of the few surgeons in Europe with double certification, both in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. He has international certification by the International and European Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.



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