Rhinoplasty or aesthetic and functional nose surgery is one of the most complex and difficult surgical procedures. The key to success lies in creating a well proportioned and natural nose, according to the person’s facial features, without sacrificing respiratory function but improving it even more.

An asymmetric or unattractive nose can negatively impact a person’s appearance and self-esteem. The goal of Dr. Casas is to correct these defects and create a nose that is in harmony with the rest of the face, natural looking, with good respiratory function, and that is attractive mainly for the person, which will increase their confidence. Dr. Casas is proud of being able to offer satisfactory and natural results, avoiding that typical nose-operated look that is often seen in other surgeons´ patients, with old techniques.

Some surgeons perform rhinoplasty using a reductive technique, which consists of excessively resecting bone and cartilage, with the aim of obtaining a smaller nose. The result is a weakening and destruction of the support and nasal structure, which means that after time, the nose deteriorates and collapses as if it was a building with a bad foundation. This type of technique leads to poor results, both from the functional and the aesthetic point of view.

Dr. Casas does not perform rhinoplasty in this way. He carries out what is known as a “structural approach”, which manages to model and modify the bone and cartilaginous structure of the nose, without damaging its support. This technique allows him to obtain satisfactory results both in the short and long term, as it maintains the “foundations” of the nose intact, and therefore achieves good results both in the cosmetic and in the functional aspect.

Dr. Casas believes that it is a mistake to treat the functional and aesthetic problem separately, since the nose is an “all”, and as such it should be treated. Addressing these aspects independently will only lead to bad results in both fields, which will be very difficult to correct in subsequent procedures.

The integral concept that Dr. Casas has of the nose and his global training, allows him to offer high level results and to make the nose more attractive, preserving its structure and support for correct breathing.

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