More than just a pretty nose

The goal of rhinoplasty or aesthetic nose surgery is to improve the appearance and achieve greater facial harmony. Most patients who undergo this surgery do so because they simply want to be more beautiful, but they are surprised at the many other benefits they can also get.

“Rhinoplasty has the ability not only to change your appearance, but also the way you feel about yourself, as it increases self-esteem,” says Dr. Pablo Casas. “My patients in León, and the rest of Spain, discover that after surgery they feel more rejuvenated and better than before.”

Dr. Pablo Casas, explains what are the main benefits he offers after rhinoplasty surgery:

  • NATURAL RESULTS. Not only will the nose be prettier, but it will also enhance and complement the rest of the facial structures and the overall harmony of the face.
  • RECOVERY IS NOT LONG OR DIFFICULT. Most patients recover in 7-10 days, and can return to work after that tim
  • BIG IMPROVEMENT IN NASAL BREATHING. Dr. Pablo Casas, is a specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery and also in Otolaryngology, so he can offer the best results not only in the aesthetic but also in the functional aspect. The improvement in nasal breathing greatly increases the quality of life after rhinoplasty surgery.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN THE QUALITY OF SLEEP AND DECREASE OF THE SNORING. Due to the improvement in nasal breathing, many patients also notice improvement in snoring, which improves their relationship with their partners and they benefit of a more restful sleep.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN SELF-ESTEEM. All patients comment on a great improvement in the way they see themselves, which increases their self-esteem, and improves their relationships with others in their private and professional lives. When a person is happy with his external appearance, he shows much better and with more confidence his inner beauty.

Dr. Pablo Casas is one of the leading specialists in rhinoplasty and nose aesthetic surgery, in Spain and worldwide. You can see his results and get more information on this website, on his personal website,, or on the website of his clinic

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