Nasal traumas What should you do

Nasal traumas What should you do

Sports, falls, and injuries are the main source of traumatic injuries to the nose. Apart from pain, inflammation and bruising, there are several reasons why it is very important that the nose is explored by a specialist in nasal surgery and facial plastic surgery. Sometimes, if the nose is explored immediately, there may be options to solve with local anesthesia the anomalies that the trauma caused. Otherwise, the solution to reestablish the correct nasal breathing and the shape of the nose will be through a rhinoplasty.


The nasal structure is a delicate part of the human anatomy. It is composed of small cartilages and bones, which connected together create the correct shape of the nose. When a nasal trauma occurs the bones can be broken, the cartilages damaged, and the nasal septum deflected, and in short, both internal and external asymmetries appear and cause aesthetic defects and respiratory problems. It is very important to explore the nose after a trauma because if clots accumulate inside, they can cause necrosis of the nasal septum and lead to important nasal aesthetic deformities.


  • If you notice abnormalities in the shape of your nose after the trauma, in breathing, or there is excessive swelling or bruising, go before 7 days to a specialist in aesthetic and functional nose surgery.
  • During those 7 days it is possible to reposition the deviations of the bones of the nose that the trauma has caused.
  • Most important injuries, or those in which more than a week has passed, will require a rhinoplasty.


Some people who had a nasal trauma in the past, have lateralized and deviated noses, nasal humps, shape asymmetries and difficulties in breathing. In these cases, the only solution is to perform a functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty to reestablish both the correct nasal function and the proper external shape of the nose.

The correction of a nose that has suffered a trauma, is a meticulous and technically demanding surgery, and therefore requires the performance of an expert in both aesthetic and functional nose surgery.

To be prepare for this type of surgery, it is an experience that begins with the consultation in person with a nose surgeon. He will evaluate the damage you have suffered, and will explain the best techniques for correction. It will also be time for you to comment on what aspects you like least about your nose.


  • Do not waste time, plan your consultation to evaluate and discover what a rhinoplasty can do for you, to improve your breathing, and the aesthetics of your nose.
  • A specialist in facial plastic surgery, will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the changes that your nose needs, to be in harmony with the rest of your facial features.
  • Dr. Pablo Casas, specialist in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, is an expert in both functional surgery and nose aesthetics, offering the best service and surgical results in this field.
  • To request a consultation with Dr. Pablo Casas, you can contact our Clinic at Villa Benavente 11 1D de León (Spain), or by phone at 00 34 987 25 33 63.

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