What to avoid before a nose surgery

What to avoid before a nose surgery

Dr. Pablo Casas, an expert in nose surgery, tells us  the most important aspects and factors to avoid before rhinoplasty surgery.

It is a complex procedure that affects functional and aesthetic aspects. Because of this, it is important to maximize the chances of obtaining a good result. Before surgery, there are several things that we should keep in mind.

  • AVOID NICOTINE: The most important factor to avoid before surgery is nicotine. Nicotine produces vasoconstriction in the blood vessels, inhibiting the proper circulation of oxygen, which leads to possible postoperative complications.
  • If you are a smoker and you are considering undergoing nose surgery, remember that for your safety, abstaining from nicotine is essential
  • ALCOHOL: Alcohol favors bleeding and should be avoided from one week before and two weeks after surgery.
  • SUN EXPOSURE: The sun dries our skin and damages it, making it more fragile during and after surgery. Use sunscreen and hat in the weeks before and after surgery
  • CONTROL THE DIET: Take a low-salt diet the days before surgery. This will decrease post-operative inflammation, and will make your results look prettier sooner
  • SPEAK WITH DR. PABLO CASAS: Dr. Pablo Casas will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for nose surgery, answering all the questions. Nose surgery is probably the most difficult surgery in the field of plastic surgery. If you are looking for an expert nose surgeon and rhinoplasty surgeon, look at his academic certifications, his curriculum vitae and his before and after pictures of his patients. A plastic nose surgeon, like Dr. Pablo Casas, who receives patients from all over Spain and abroad, has spent years training in rhinoplasty surgery, to offer his patients the results they desire.

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